Using the Dermagenesis machine, where aluminium oxide crystals gently abrade the upper layers of the epidermis. Used especially to enhance product penetration, photodamage, for acne scarring, for re-texturising the skin, to stimulate collagen formation thereby retexturising and rejuvenating the skin.

During this treatment your skin will be cleansed and analyzed. Please bring products currently in use to the session.

A layer of skin will be abraided using corundum powder. The depth of the peeling will be decided on relative to the skin type and the result required. After the treatment an antioxidant formulation and a sunscreen will be applied.

You should NOT have used any form of AHA or retinol products one month prior to treatment

You should NOT be taking roacutane, antibiotics, cortisone or any photosensitizing medications

You should NOT have had an AHA peeling or any other peeling modality one month prior to treatment

Post treatment, your skin will be sensitive to light therefore a sunscreen must be worn even in the winter months.

Post treatment your skin may be red due to the dermabrasion, this should disappear by the next day, and it is preferable not to wear foundation after the treatment.

You should not have a facial or any form of peeling for at least 2 weeks after the treatment and if it has been a strong MDA, wait at least 4 weeks before any other type of skin treatment

The purpose of MDA is to facilitate increased product penetration to achieve results, to improve texture and encourage increased collagen formation. If a deep or consecutive MDA’s are performed raised lentigines can be flattened.