Skin Rejuvenation Home Care Programme

Product Recommendations:

Start a homecare programme choosing products that include anti-oxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid and Vit A as the basics.    Each product house will have their signature ingredient that will individualise the product.

Choose an appropriate cleanser for the skin type.   A mild form of exfoliant can be useful but don’t over exfoliate.    Many of today’s cleansers will include an alpha hydroxyl acid such as glycolic acid which will perform a gentle exfoliation thereby eliminating the need for a separate exfoliant.

The concept of a “Rollcit” is becoming more popular and personally I think it is a good idea.    It is a roller with little needles projecting from it.   The homecare instrument should not hurt and merely punctures the stratum corneum(very top layer of the skin) in order to facilitate penetration of  the  active ingredients

Make sure that you are wearing a sunscreen with a high SPF in the summer months.   I would prefer one that is not loaded with chemicals .


Omega 3 (from fresh waters and mercury free).   It is an anti-inflammatory fatty acid.   Important for brain and skin health.

MSM  (physiological sulphur) neutralizes free radicals, anti-inflammatory, slows down loss of collagen,clears toxic build up at a cellular level.

Vit A   is a beneficial anti-ageing vitamin for a youthful skin, organs, tissues and a healthy immune system

Vit D3  protects against cancer, strengthens bones and has mood enhancing properties

A multivitamin or preferably an organic food supplement containing “greens” such as barley green, spirulina, enzymes, probiotics and essential nutrients.   Green Vibrance and the Barre Body Shakes are excellent.


Eat a low GI diet and ensure you include sufficient protein  –  preferable from organic sources such as organic eggs,  grass fed beef, wild salmon  etc.

Avoid processed  and refined foods.

Drink filtered/distilled water .   Cut out fizzy drinks and fruit juices.

Exercise regularly.

Choose organic fruits and vegetables where possible.

Dark chocolate in moderation and one glass of red wine add valuable antioxidants and phytonutrients.