What is your passion?

Stop for a moment and ask yourself what your passion is? Are you living it or have you become a “worm” that is never going to grow into a beautiful butterfly. I have seen people transformed by taking the risk and making the changes from “worm” to a beautiful, free butterfly just by following their dream and passion. Remove the obstacles and reach for that dream, it will never let you down.

Last year I felt a little like a “worm”. I am passionate about my work but needed new challenges and felt that I needed to lift my game for all of us and invite the butterfly in… As a result I started researching products and treatments and have come up with the following:-

Finally I am the proud owner of a Light Emitting Diode (LED) machine! LEDs’ are used in a variety of ways commercially but when it comes to skin, at specific frequencies they can do wondrous things. The blue light frequency reduces bacteria to improve acneic skin and slows rosacea flairs. The red light encourages circulation, the release of ATP i.e. cellular energy and cell rejuvenation this translates into a lessening of the depth of wrinkles and improvement in texture. The yellow light decreases inflammation and increases hydration – useful for stressed and sensitive skins. The green light targets hyper pigmented areas, reduces redness, irritation and sensitivity.

One can combine the lights as one chooses and whilst I will be using them during my treatments a course of 6 treatments would be beneficial. Although one wears protective eyewear some are sensitive to the light but that is the exception. There are very few contra indications and it is a pleasant non-invasive treatment.

Then yes, I went one step further and decided to include micro-current in my treatment programme. We have many treatments that address skin, but what about the muscles of the face which are unique in that they attach to skin and not bone and as such have a profound effect on the way we look. As we age they too give in to gravity. So it makes sense that if we can tone them we will have better facial contours. Another feature, like the LED’s, it too can stimulate ATP i.e. the energy required to hold the muscle in position and do its work. Whilst at the same time improving collagen & elastin production.

Then – I have been impressed with results achieved by Neostrata products, especially their new Skin Active Range.  NeoStrata “Skin Active” is an advanced comprehensive anti-ageing regimen, targeting the visible signs of ageing with state-of-the-art-technologies. It combines clinically proven ingredients that work synergistically in all layers of the skin to help reduce the visible signs of ageing. These potent SynerG formulations stimulate cell renewal, even tone, boost collagen and protect against oxidative damage. NeoStrata also have effective products for an acneic skin, hyperpigmentation and a skin with textural problems.  An anti-ageing (although I dislike that term) range that has ingredients like apple stem cells, peptides, retinol, antioxidants and more. No I don’t think that it is necessarily better than products that we currently retail, but for those of you who want SIMPLE i.e. one night cream, one day cream with SPF , eye cream and cleanser without costing a fortune and delivers results it could be the answer.

Dermalogica have launched their Overnight Repair Serum (part of the Age Smart Range) – it is a beautiful complex comprising of 15 essential oils, 5 plant oils including argan oil and palmitoyl tripeptide-38. Wonderfully nourishing and the peptide stimulates collagen synthesis.

Environ continues to deliver top results but it does require that you use a combination of products such as the CQuence serum, Crème, Hydrating serum and Cquence eye gel, coupled with the regular use of Roll-Cit it does give results.

Filorga is introducing a new moisturizer mid March called Hydra Filler – it contains a double concentration of hyaluronic acid – use with Hyal Defence serum and anti-drying skin cleansing foam as a high hydration programme. Environ and Filorga both have a Roller/Roll-Cit that can be used on the body and as a skin treatment will improve the textural appearance of the skin.

However, nothing can be achieved if the lifestyle is not healthy. I encourage all of you to reduce your sugar intake – sugar causes inflammation and is the underlying cause of so many degenerative diseases. Remember that refined carbohydrates have a high GI (glycaemic index) and are as bad as refined sugar. Try to make at least half of your diet “live food” i.e. fresh; raw, organic if possible make sure you taking in sufficient water. Don’t skimp on the oils but be wary of the saturated fats.

Exercise too, is important as a great “stress buster” and to keep us fit and glowing ready for whatever we have to face. Walking is great – but do what you enjoy!

One last thing, this year in particular seems to be a tough financial one, please, please look at my price list, don’t feel embarrassed to say what you can afford – I can adjust and work within your budget and still ensure that your skin is getting a great treatment.

So remember, pursue your passion, find quiet “me” time, feed your soul and find your spirituality. Tread lightly and mindfully trying not to leave footprints that damage our beautiful planet. I know it is not easy in this hectic world we live in but if we don’t we will look back one day and wish we could have done it all differently.

Thank you for your support and all that you have given to me. Also, Robyn and Marion for all their hard work at front desk.